About Us

Picture this: You’ve had a stressful day – maybe your bus was late or your car wouldn’t start, making you late for that all-important appointment – or perhaps your boss has been picking at your strings for weeks and you feel ready to burst. But now you’re home. You switch off your phone, dim the lights, and start to run a warm bath ready to wash away the day’s blues. As you do so you open your new Candle City Gift Packs and before you know it the luxurious scent of Lavender & Sage or Nashi Pear & Cucumber has filled the room and your troubles already feel like a distant memory. 

Here at Candle City our company slogan is ‘Enjoy the Moment’ because we believe that a luxury experience should be available for you at an affordable price, and with a wide selection of Candles, Fragrances and Gift Packs there’s a scent and peace of mind for everyone.

Founded in Belfield, Sydney, we are dedicated to bringing you the very best fragrances from around the world. If you have any queries at all about any products in our range then please feel free to contact us and we will reply as soon as possible. Also, please sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest offers on all our products as well as to receive fantastic gift ideas for your friends, family… or even yourself!

Enjoy the Moment – Candle City