Historically, candles were used to create light, heat and atmosphere. From simple functional pillars to light our homes, to large columns used for religious ceremonies, candles were used everywhere, everyday.

Today, as our lifestyles have become more hectic and more demanding, consumers search for soothing products to simplify their way of life. With this focus, candles have evolved and taken on a new significance. Years ago, candles adorned tables for fine dining occasions and were viewed as luxury purchases. Today, they have again become part of our everyday life.

Including the traditional candle purchases for entertaining and gift giving, candles have transformed to become a more personal purchase – an intimate product for soothing our mind, body and soul. Colour, fragrance and shape unify to create ambience and mood, allowing us to influence our external environment to the benefit of our inner-selves.

Candle City's wide range of candles and accessories target a variety of your needs and desires, from tealights, pillars, dinner candles and wax filled tumblers, to our extensive fragrance collection of diffusers.

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